Services Plan

Service Plans

Looking for a reliable and dependable electrical maintenance plan?

Look no further than Crosswired Electrical Services!

We offer four different levels of service so you can find the plan that fits your needs. Each plan comes with a variety of features including annual inspection, preventative maintenance, extended warranties, and discounts and specials throughout the year. 


Basic Plan


Annual Cost

Our basic plan includes annual inspection of your smoke detectors, electrical panels, outlets and switches, and preventative maintenance for your electrical panels.

5% repair discount

2 year repair warranty*

Priority service and scheduling

For single family homes up to 2500sq ft


Elite Plan


Annual Cost

The elite plan includes all the services of the basic plan, plus preventative maintenance for homes with more than 1 electrical panel, pool/spa panels and multiple AC disconnects.

10% repair discount

5 year repair warranty*

Next weekday service and scheduling**

For single family homes up to 2500sq ft


Elite Plus Plan


Annual Cost

The elite plus plan includes all the services of the elite plan, but designed for larger homes and those who desire ultimate speed of service.

Added benefits include;

$30 off ALL service calls

10% repair discounts

Guaranteed next weekday service

For single family homes up to 4000 sq ft

Generator Service


Annual Cost

Our generator service helps you protect your investment through prescheduled annual maintenance of your standby generator. You will receive the benefits of;

Annual maintenance reminders

Automated renewal of you maintenance plan

$30 off annual maintenance

5% discount for home and generator repairs

So don't wait—sign up for a Crosswired Electrical Services maintenance plan today and let us help keep your home safe and secure.