Lena Rances
Lena Rances
April 25, 2023.
We are very pleased with the installation. Thank you !
Gidget Sune
Gidget Sune
April 24, 2023.
Great company to deal with. Great electricians
Karen Kidwell
Karen Kidwell
April 20, 2023.
Great company! The electrician was very knowledgeable and did not quit until he fixed the problem. We are very satisfied customers!
Jan Coachman
Jan Coachman
April 10, 2023.
Ran #8 wiring from one end of the house to the other to bring to code for a combination wall oven/microwave to be installed. This was a challenging job because of the split-level house design and they were able to find a way to do it that reduced a two-day project down to one day. I highly recommend Cross Wired Electrical Services!
Elaine Pearce
Elaine Pearce
April 7, 2023.
I can't express enough how impressed I was by their electrician and their professionalism. Not only did they repair what a previous electrician did incorrectly they gave me excellent advice. When done, they even vacuumed all the small debris! I will definitely use them for all my future projects!
March 27, 2023.
Ensured he was giving correct information, and took the time to appropriately diagnose the situation.
Byron B
Byron B
March 26, 2023.
A major Competing company company told me fixing a simple outlet would cost me $4,500 to replace my panel plus another $2,000 in work…. and there slogan says “no malarky” lol A second competing company local to Bartow never actually got back to me with a quote. The tech walked in, spent five minutes on site, said five words to my wife and then said “we’ll email a quote” and never got back to us. Cross wired came out and fixed my outlet for less than $400 (including service fee) . I immediately approved it and then requested a panel replacement quote which came out to less than half what the competition quoted me. The thing is- I knew what the issue with the outlet was up front, and I knew what would fix it. I never revealed this but Crosswired gave me the HONEST answer and didn’t try to upsell me. So, now- when I do install a sub panel in my garage, and I do install a new main panel for my home and I do install a transfer switch in the next year during remodel- I absolutely will only go with these guys. My wife who interacted with the electrician reported he was kind, professional and knowledgeable. When I spoke with him I got the same vibe. I worked in electrical dispatch and customer service for years- all the time we had issues where techs wouldn’t educate the customer and pull them aside and show them with their own eyes what the problem was and it cost our company a lot of sales- This tech did that. He educated my wife, pulled her aside and showed her the issue- and he didn’t see a stay at home mom who he could lie to and take advantage of for a sale- he saw a valued customer he invested the time to build report with and develop a professional relationship with. If I were the owner I’d take pride knowing my tech provided such good customer service and put such an good foot forward to take the initiative to earn a “lifetime” customer. I’ve sat in tech meetings at many different HVAC/electrical companies. I’ve heard techs be encouraged to make unethical sales moves- but you can tell from this techs interaction alone this business operates and prides it self on customer service and ethics. I’m 27 and this is my first home- As long as we are in your service area- your word will be gold in our home. There will be no more competition here.
Jay Goldberg
Jay Goldberg
March 13, 2023.
Service I always friendly and professional. I highly recommend cross wired electric for all your electrical needs!
Laura McCollum
Laura McCollum
March 10, 2023.
Great service. If I ever need electrical work done again I won't hesitate to call them 1st. On time, done right. I can't be more happy with their service

    I appreciated the electrical work William did to complete the renovation of my sunroom. He was methodical, precise and also implemented a small request I made. Thank you, William.

    Alma Malikow Avatar Alma Malikow
    July 9, 2022

    Nicolas was knowledgeable and polite. Although he was unable to completely resolve my problem, he tried and discovered the extent of the problem was outside their purview. I thought the nearly $500 bill was a little excessive, but there is no way I could have diagnosed the problem without their help. My home warranty company will take over now and they will replace the unit that needs replacing.

    Mark Houston Garrett Avatar Mark Houston Garrett
    July 8, 2022

    David and his team of professionals took great care of me with my installation of my new EV charger. Highly recommend!

    Chad Barron Avatar Chad Barron
    July 5, 2022

Careful & Job Well Done!

When lightning struck my outside AC electrical box, I wasn’t sure what damage was done. Cross Wired Electrical Services was able to come and carefully checked out all the wiring to make sure it was safe. Replaced the damaged box and rewired the connection. Thankfully, the old surge protector worked. I have now scheduled Cross Wired to return to add a whole house surge protector to my breaker box. In Florida, there are too many lightning strikes to go without protection!
Thank you Cross Wired for getting me connected and the AC up and running again. And also, thank you for telling me about the house surge protector.

If you need electrical work done, I recommend Cross Wired Electrical Services!

Rhonda Sawtelle

Great Work, thanks

We hired CrossWired Electrical for several electrical projects around our home. David and his crew were punctual, thorough, and very professional to work with. Great job! Thank you!

Nancy and Don Southern

Impressive work!

Thank you to David and his team for diagnosing, identifying, and fixing my electrical issue so quickly! You guys truly know your stuff, and it was a great pleasure to have you help me out at a critical time.

Ager A

Thank you for your help!!! 🙂

I want to thank you so very much for your time and help this weekend with our electrical issue. My mother-in-law now has her lights and a.c back on. All Thanks to your guidance in getting the problem fixed without it costing an arm and a leg. Thanks again for being a wonderful and honest person/company. I will be sure to refer your company to anyone!

Patricia Keigans

Highly recommended

Thanks so much for the wonderful and professional service. Your team is highly competent and courteous to all our staff. It was a great joy and we will highly recommend your services to our industry partners.

Rachel Kim

Excellent service

Big thanks to David and his team for fixing our issue so quickly and professionally. They were punctual and knowledgeable and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs an electrical fix.

Don Perez

Thankful when I turn on the lights

David, I apologize that it has taken me so long, but I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you fixing my electrical problem. It meant so much to me that you took time out of your busy schedule to help someone you didn’t even know. I was very overwhelmed not knowing what to do about the electrical issue, and having my husband deployed made it even more of a challenge. Each day I turn on the lights in the house I give thanks and think about your very kind generosity and gift. Thank you again for everything!!

K. Trejo